1. koup's Avatar
    Have some questions

    1) I thought RIM said it was going to be same day dvd release ? Example its Oct 10 and still no sign of being able to rent/buy the avengers?

    2) why is the only option for Prometheus is to buy? And not rent...... Was looking forward to seeing it thru the playbook btw I rent all my video thru this video app
    BlackBerry video store rental questions/findings-img_00000001.jpg

    Also not sure if some people know but if you rent a movie thru the video store and delete it by using the video store it still saves a copy that can't be viewed again when passed the 48hr limit but still hogs the memory..... I found this out when I was trying to find why my memory was so low with little apps on my playbook. I went to the playbook video camera app and under downloads I saw all the videos I have rented but couldn't watch them again odd??? Once I deleted them I received all my memory back that I should have had. I guess my point it that if you delete the video from the video store rental application it should take it completely off your playbook.
    10-10-12 02:01 PM
  2. madman0141's Avatar
    While your finding out about the Advengers what about the Chernobyl Diaries that horror movie the apple store has it?
    10-10-12 06:06 PM
  3. enots27's Avatar
    does blackberry have the video service in the uk.
    10-12-12 06:47 AM

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