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    As I am beginning to develop applications (apps) for the BlackBerry PlayBook running BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1, I have noticed a horrendous lack of a concise walkthrough of the entire process from downloading the BlackBerry PlayBook Native Software Development Kit (NDK/SDK) through to deploying an application to your own BlackBerry PlayBook. I have been putting together a tutorial, with appropriate resource links, intended to illustrate the ***basics*** of application development and deployment. As soon as the tutorial is finalized sometime this weekend I will post it here.
    12-29-12 09:09 PM
  2. theRock1975's Avatar
    When I started developing my app this summer, I had a lot of difficulties just getting the debug tokens. I was doing everything command line(barsigner...) before even launching Eclipse. What a mistake!
    Just launch Eclipse that is bundled with the SDK and answer the questions upon first launch. When your debug token expires you can use Eclipse to create and upload a new one. I'm very satisfied with the documentation that is offered by RIM. IMO, they did an outstanding job...it does not looked rushed at all.
    12-29-12 10:30 PM
  3. godsend85's Avatar
    Yeah...I played around with c++ development tools for pb and deploying was a breeze through eclipse.
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    12-30-12 12:46 AM

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