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    Hi, we finished an app today that gathers everybody's typing speed (well, only those two are not ashamed of their typing speed lol). The score you achieve can be posted to our website where scores from all users are collected and displayed in ranking system. It would be nice if this ranking system is somewhat populated before it goes online (to App World).

    Please help us and download the app from our website and show us your BlackBerry typing skills!

    Go to: qbotron King Typist Coming Soon (Beta available) (From your device)
    Scroll little down, download appropriate install file for your device!

    Since it is not an official version, it is important that you email us if you find any bugs! Please let us know what you think/bug report at: support@qbotron.com!

    Thanks all Now GO SPREAD THE WORD!

    Here are some screenshots of the app:

    01-13-12 09:41 PM