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    hello everybody!

    with the excitement surrounding the blackberry smartphone ability to be a playbook tablet remote control, i thought i would make a suggestion about furthering that awesome capability with a way to make the touch screen on the bb smartphone actually become a very comfortable gaming controller, when i hold my 9810 in landscape, it just feels perfect, i can also see how comfortable the other 9860 / 9850 would be as gsme controllers too

    it would be very simple and quite effective if there was a "game controller" option that can be toggled on or off, when it is on, it changes the touch screen to incorporate the following buttons:

    1) right analog stick
    2) left analog stick
    3) start button
    4) select button
    5) right trigger
    6) left trigger

    and / or any other little options to make use of the bb button, track pad, back button, etc...

    this way, playing a future tablet edition of say "medal of honor" from ea games would be a dream, not only if the playbook is connected to hdmi, but also when it is not, it would be handy either way!!!

    the best and top selling apps on any platform are good games, so far the playbook has proven itself as a valid gaming device, so now rim can expand upon that to encourage more high quality gaming development for the bb / pb platform

    it only makes sense to me because people want the ability to game on the go (i know i do), as well as game at home, but having say 3 devices to facilitate the desire of gaming on the go is more easily achieved with just 2 devices (for home too)

    people LOVE good video games, and it is pretty clear that gaming is important for all these "eco-systems" - and rim is in an excellent position to be the new "surprise" gaming platform

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