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    Following on from this thread.

    Latest Native Podcast App .bar File - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    Are there any other blackberry Playbook bars that will function correctly outside north America without the need to connect to a service hosted by blackberry?

    For example, the podcast app works with manually entered podcast URLs. No need to use the blackberry's podcast repository.
    04-17-14 01:06 AM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I'm not entirely sure what your question is. AFAIK, most PlayBook apps don't require a user to be in North America or connect to a BlackBerry server.
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    04-17-14 10:44 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    As that other thread suggested, after a certain point, BB encoded the backups made by the Desktop Software and once they did that, it was not possible to extract individual bar files. The podcast one must have been extracted or saved from some older backup. In addition, as Scrid noted, most items are not restricted although if I recall, stuff like the video store probably was.
    04-17-14 11:51 PM
  4. ensign's Avatar
    Thanks guys for you contributions.
    I am aware of various threads guiding people to use vpn services to get access to north American Playbook apps not available elsewhere. I guess your answers explains it is not possible to get to a native app bar anyway so that should be it. I just thought other similar bars other than the podcast one were kicking around.
    04-18-14 03:48 AM

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