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    I've been having some issues with the BB News App ever since the last News/Bridge updates that allowed access via Bridge (and finally getting a chance to post).

    Before the two updates, if I loaded all my feeds on the PB and then went fully offline (e.g. subway) I could browse through the text for all articles showing. Ever since News has had the ability to default to Bridge/phone connectivity when there's no wifi, I now get this annoying message ~70% of time:

    "Your blackberry smartphone is unable to establish a connection to the destination server"

    I tried making sure to open and fully update my 9780 Blackberry News Feeds app in case the PB could grab the text content from there, but no luck. It's pretty much rendered the app useless for me.

    Q1: Anyone else having this issue?

    Q2: Anyone have insights as to why or if there is anything I can do to avoid it?

    If it is happening for others, I suspect a future update may resolve it, but I won't hold my breath (if News Catcher had Google Reader integration this would be a non-issue).

    Many thanks in advance for any tips!


    10-19-11 08:08 PM