1. miktro's Avatar
    On my pc i decided to up date my login info for app world for my 9800 and playbook updated every thing nice and smooth on my pc could log in and out np. So now I try on my 9800 and all I get when i try to log in to app world is
    Blackberry app world is having trouble connecting to Blackberry app world server. Verify your network connection and try again. Then i try the playbook and same thing. hmm so i check every thing out it seems all good . It was working fine before i updated my info. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    06-20-11 03:49 PM
  2. tkcdamar's Avatar
    I went through this when I first bought my PB. Activate your complimentary RIM Support that was included in with your PB purchase. If you change your username/email back to the original username, this should correct the issue. After doing this, login and verify the BlackBerry ID is still valid. After this, create a new BB ID with the desired username/email. Call the support hotline and go to tech support. Tech Support will NOT be able to resolve the problem. Explain the scenario to them.....you will have to go through some motions, as the Tech. Rep. will think he knows something no one else does. After they fail to correct, ask to discuss the unresolved issue with the BlackBerry Resolution Department. This Dept was by far the most helpful group I've every worked with at RIM. They should offer to reimburse you for the purchased apps on the "old" BB ID. They will do this by having you purchase the same or comparable apps on the new BB ID and crediting your CC or PayPal Account. They did however only reimburse me for only the apps purchased in the last rolling year. I had over $220 in apps......the Resolution Dept ended up crediting me $175. It takes about an hour of time, but well worth the time if you have invested in paid apps. Good luck and let us know how this goes!! If all goes as planned, happy app shopping.
    06-20-11 07:13 PM