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    on either one of these apps i cannot get a gps fix tethered or bridged so in the case of telmap and google cannot get turn by turn nav

    can anyone help im a slight newbie and dont understand why it wont work , only thing i wish my playbook had from day 1 (release day)
    03-26-12 07:50 AM
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    Originally Posted by F2

    Maybe a gps tip. It generally will not work indoors. As a first test, download the FREE Compass app. Go to an open area without buildings, if possible, give it a good 15-20 minutes. Move it away from your body a bit. (The compass app does not provide much in utility but is a good app to test the gps).

    More specifics: gps' need a good view of the sky. A gps which has been off for a while (days or week or more) or moved a longer distance will take a longer time to get a satellite lock. Once it gets a lock, it can hold it inside of a moving car. I can get a lock in the upstairs of my wood-framed, shingle-roofed home. I cannot get one downstairs.
    This is posted in the tips and tricks post up top.
    In my experience the first use GPS took some time. Maybe 10-15 minutes. Since my first use it gets my location much faster.
    Restart the PB then follow the advice in the post. If it still won't work I would call RIM for a replacement.
    The PB doesn't use any kind of assistance(wifi, bridge)for the GPS so your Internet connection just serves to download maps.
    If I remember correctly the GPS antenna is on the lower right side of the PB so it would be best to just set it down outside and wait.
    03-26-12 08:46 AM
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    03-26-12 08:51 AM