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    BlackBerry App World link:

    Paid Version ($1.99)

    Track and bill your time with Billable Hours!

    Use your BlackBerry PlayBook to quickly, accurately, and conveniently track every minute spent working for your clients, even when you are mobile. Billable Hours allows you to easily create and track time spent on client files or projects. It offers a simple toggle on feature to start billing and you can also quickly transition between billable files when time spent on one job ends and another begins. An easy to follow and review history illustrates progress on each project.

    Make sure you get paid for all your time all you need is your BlackBerry PlayBook and Billable Hours.

    Billable Hours is perfect for lawyers, accountants, contractors, consultants, professionals, and more.

    Features include:
    * One-touch time tracking
    * Track and save unlimited projects with Search, History, and more
    * Export to Excel feature (CSV format)
    * Double Billing feature allows you to bill time to two or more clients simultaneously
    * Auto Save feature allows you to simply close the app when your work is done - Billable Hours automatically ends your open sessions and stores your data
    * NEW Delete and edit projects and past sessions
    * NEW Takes advantage of your PlayBook's gestures with a stylish top swipe menu
    * NEW Project totals displayed in history
    * NEW Projects ordered alphabetically
    * NEW Pause/continue timer
    * As new features are added, update to the latest version free of charge!
    08-07-12 10:15 PM
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    I never did post this to CrackBerry.com, but figured I'd throw it out there for anyone who might find it useful! (It's held the top spot in the Business, Time Tracking category since the PlayBook was released to the public)

    08-07-12 10:37 PM
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    What a great app! I'll be downloading this for use at work for SURE!

    08-09-12 12:55 PM
  4. itmfm1's Avatar
    Does OP know if it can be imported to quickbooks? Thnx
    08-11-12 06:46 AM
  5. jrjackso's Avatar
    itmfm1, it exports to csv with the columns: Project, Time Begun, Time Ended, Pause duration, Duration, Hourly Rate, Billable $ and Note. I'm unfamiliar with quickbooks' import and imagine it would take some massaging to get it in there, but someone from your IT would probably be able to script out a converter.
    08-12-12 02:05 PM