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    Lets make a list of all games that can be played straight from the web on the PlayBook. I found these all from watching a youtube vid about flash on the playbook. If you double-tap the games then they go full screen, but some of them are slower when its full screen. These are the ones I got to work:

    Boomshine - Make explosions and stuff
    Pixel-Grower - you have to capture all the falling pixels
    Double_Wires - you have to walk along the ceiling
    Pendulumeca - another moving along the ceiling game
    squares2 - eat all the black squares
    Color_World_Origins - spray paint the blocks the correct color
    flight - throwing a paper airplane. its kind of slow so dont put it full screen
    Line-Rider - the sled game where you have to draw a course and then watch your sled guy go down it
    Helicopter - same as the one on appworld
    Missile_Game_3D - obstacle course inside a vortex
    Tangerine-Panic - tangerines falling everywhere
    Curveball - play tennis
    Monkey - spank the monkey
    PoolJam - play pool by yourself
    Mini-Putt - minigolf game
    PingPong3D - 3d ping pong
    SimAirTraffic - you get to manage an airport
    bonelessgirl - the old boneless girl game
    BubbleWrap - play with bubblewrap
    Age_of_War - you start off as a caveman and you get to evolve until your in a future civilization
    Crush_The_Castle_2 - works better on the PlayBook than cursh the castle 1. This is the game angry is based from.
    Defend_Your_Castle - throw all the stick men up in the air
    Tower_Defence - build defences for your tower
    Battleship - like the board game
    Bow_man - throwing a bow an arrow
    Frantic_Frigates - Sadly you have to press spacebar to enter the store. but its still fun on PB.
    Upbot_Goes_Up - puzzle game
    Draw_Bounce - draw a path for the ball
    Simon - classic simon
    Hangnun - hang man type game
    Tic-Tac-Toe - yes
    Chess - yup
    Cube_Crash - like bedazzled
    Dots - same game you play on paper
    Lucky_Ball - adaption to bedazzled
    Mastermind - only works in full screen cuz the colored balls are so small
    Ball_Bounce - get the ball to the other side
    Ball_Trap - separate the red and blue balls
    Bedazzled - match 3 colors
    CursorX10 - its a maze of rooms with staircases
    11-08-11 12:49 AM
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    Be great if someone who has played them can give a thumbs up/thumbs down on the list. I haven't played any of these games.
    11-08-11 07:49 AM
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    I have played these:

    bubblewrap - not a game. Works, although multitap doesn't seem to.
    boneless girl - not a game. Works.
    3d pong - works, but is difficult. your finger against the screen obscures your view of tha ball which makes it hard to time shots.
    pool - sorta works, and doesn't involve any rules, just pot balls in any order and don't scratch.
    minigolf - the best of the ones I tried, although short putts are difficult because your finger is in the way.
    11-08-11 12:47 PM
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    Great list...not to be a party pooper but shouldn't this be in the playbook apps and games section?
    11-08-11 02:37 PM
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    Do you guys think we will ever get some type of Flash store or an App that can buy/download from within? Optimized Playbook Flash games would be nice. The few I tried were not a great experience. I love that we can download them straight to the device, but (for example) Plants v Zombies really looks rough and starts to lag when it gets busy. Really disappointing. Most I tried were not formatted for widescreen either. Makes for a poor experience. Better than nothing, but...

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    11-08-11 03:02 PM
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    thanks for the list started to work through them looks good so far
    11-08-11 05:13 PM
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    yea if there is a mod reading this, can you move this to PB apps and games?

    also, I'd say boneless girl is a game... except theres no objective to it
    11-08-11 07:22 PM
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    Here's my list of Flash Games. Enjoy

    LimeTrip: Download Online Flash Games And Play It Offline

    Nice Work chrisgotabb
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    Firewalled at the office. Unreal!!!!!
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    Firewalled at the office. Unreal!!!!!
    Try using proxy sites like
    https://tor-proxy.net in the search field copy paste the link to my website.
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    I have a bunch here you can play too. Shouldnt be firewalled from my blog

    Some Flash Games for Fun | File Archive Haven
    12-25-11 01:58 AM