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    Hello - just purchased a PB and am very disappointed at lack of features on standard MP3 player (namely, no fast forward or rewind). Can anyone suggest an app that plays MP3s with these features? I have looked in AppWorld and online, but haven't seen anything. Thanks!
    01-25-12 06:08 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    Where it shows the song playing (that blue bar that gets bigger as the song plays), you can touch it to rewind/fast-forward the song to wherever you'd like. Touch anywhere in there, or hold the end of the blue line and drag it.

    As for anything else you don't like about the standard music player, maybe list that. The standard one suits me so I haven't looked elsewhere.
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    01-25-12 06:19 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    One thing it could use might be bookmarks for audiobook mp3 files where an mp3 might be longer.
    01-25-12 07:28 PM
  4. aloon69's Avatar
    Sideloaded Winamp works great for me. I can make multiple playlists, save them and best of all move songs around within the playlists if I want to move their position , something the stock player can't do.

    I'm very happy with Winamp on the PB.
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    01-25-12 07:50 PM
  5. goodtastingsteak's Avatar
    hopefully OS 2 will bring availability to other media players that allow for more functionality than the stock player.
    01-26-12 03:04 AM
  6. PBneo's Avatar
    @ridesno59, thanks - that is a bit of information I didn't come across in any of the PB documentation. Much appreciated.

    @aloon69 - I will check out that app as well. Thanks!
    02-07-12 09:45 PM