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    Got my pb a few days ago and have yet to download apps besides the crackberry one of course Want input on the best paid and free apps that you like.

    Also is it best to let your battery drain and then charge or keep it pretty charged all the time?

    12-18-11 10:16 PM
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    apps and games it all depends on what you wanna do with your pb

    let me share with you the apps/games I use and what they are for:


    Bluebox - Dropbox Sync
    AirBrowser - Viewing files, making zip.
    Box.net - Cloud Storage. Not as good as Dropbox IMO.

    NFSU : a racing game by EA Sports
    TOFU2 - an addictive game... (got it when It was free... i think its a.99 now)

    Battery Guru - stats on ur battery's behavior, power consumption, etc.
    Files and Folders - sync with google docs, dropbox, box.net. *3 day trial available i think*
    Note Taking : PiciNote, GroovyNotes and NoteSmartly are good options.
    luko remote app: use ur pb as a mouse/keyboard for your pc. works via wifi.
    BedBuzz or Cassandra for a night clock.
    Photo Editor or TouchUp Pro for pic edition.

    Madden NFL
    SpiderMan Total Mayhem
    Turbo Grannies
    I like puzzle-like games so I use Pixelated Plus, uDigits, SandSlides. Grave Defense HD.

    On games, you would have to tell me what type of games u like.
    GameLoft has a good variety of games, so does Polarbit and EA. I recommend browsing these developers in app world to learn more about their apps.

    There are some "angry birds" inspired games like Battle Frogging and Angry Apes.
    12-18-11 11:41 PM
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    Thanks so much! I don't play a whole lot of games but I do like bejeweled!
    12-18-11 11:46 PM
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    Also is it best to let your battery drain and then charge or keep it pretty charged all the time?
    Just charge it when you have time. Different charging habits can have some effect over the life of the battery but not enough to worry about.
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    12-19-11 06:41 AM
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    Battery guru for sure
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    12-19-11 06:48 AM