1. rauldela's Avatar
    can we get google on here ?? is there a better app to navegate the internet ? thanks
    02-14-12 02:36 PM
  2. jhanks64's Avatar
    I guess nobody has answered your question because you are not clear what you need.

    A browser?
    02-14-12 05:56 PM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    What do you not like about the stock browser?
    Theres also simple browser and secure browser in app world.
    02-14-12 07:08 PM
  4. byul's Avatar
    i don't know about you, but i like the native stock browser it's good enough to do my stuff.
    google works perfect on it, i guess you are looking for something,
    else because the native stock browser isn't rich enough for you?
    try what scrid2000 have mentioned you, and yes what don't you like about the native one?
    02-14-12 07:16 PM
  5. KermEd's Avatar
    All three auto-google from the URL bar, just pretend its a search bar.
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    02-14-12 08:16 PM