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    Hi there!

    I'm completely totally new to app development, I've downloaded most of the tools I believe, just now.

    I'm not looking to become the all-knowing super app dev guy making a fortune.

    I'm looking to tinker around and maybe learn something new.

    Where do I start? What is the simplest, most effective code to use? I just want to tinker, and need a basic starting point.

    Is there anyone willing to take me under their wing as a mentor? I just want to learn, but need some guidance on where to start!

    Thanks in advance!
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    04-20-12 10:33 PM
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    I totally support this.. it would be awesome. I know it is a pain in the a** (maybe) to explain.. but think you're doing something extremely awesome.
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    04-20-12 10:53 PM
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    Do you have any experience? I'm so lost, but I'm delving into it a bit, I'm thinking the HTML5 route is the way to go? Webworks? So I guess, I start with basic HTML5 and go from there?

    04-20-12 11:02 PM
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    Try to learn the basics; take a look at the Sample projects on the BB developer website ! Try to understand that, then move on.
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    04-21-12 02:47 AM
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    To start with I'd recommend getting the book "build your own website the right way using html and css 2nd edition" by Ian lloyd. This will teach you the basics of html by taking you through building a website step by step. I can't recommend this book highly enough for beginners. The book is probably available online in pdf form from various nefarious places but I seriously recommend buying it as it's fantastic.

    After that you could take a look at Learn to code | Codecademy to learn javascript. Another great resource for beginners. Along with this is recommend taking a look at the LifeHackers night school videos on learning to code as sometimes it helps having an actual person explain things. The link should be LifeHackers.com/5744113/learn-to-code-the-full-beginners-guide

    There is also a program called Scratch which I'll admit is for 8 year Olds but it can be fun to just mess about with or if you have kids who you fancy giving a bit of a headstart in coding then it's worth a download. Scratch.mit.edu
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    04-21-12 04:11 AM
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    Also i'd recommend downloading bluefish to write your code out. It's freeware and available on windows, Mac (I think) and linux.
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    04-21-12 04:24 AM
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    I'm subscribing to this thread, this is something I wanted to ask since a very long time.
    04-21-12 05:37 AM
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    I'd love to know:

    - Which is the best language to learn in order to make good PlayBook apps
    - How long will it take to learn make a decent PlayBook app

    I have plenty of free time, i'd love to do something good besides training.
    04-21-12 10:46 AM
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    Thanks for the advice! What I did last night was...THIS!


    This is what I was looking for, it goes step by step from beginning to launching your first application, and I did it. Also surprisingly learned a few things along the way!

    Now I know the process involved, it's just a matter of learning some html5!
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    04-21-12 12:16 PM
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    is there any command to be used when packaging Websites as apps (using webworks) to keep persistent data such login details?

    I want to use the tag "rim: permissions" to make my website app remember my login details instead of asking me the same everytime.

    How can i do this?
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    04-23-12 05:01 AM