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    i-Mentalist is searching for beta group to test WoL application!

    We started to build new applications for BlackBerry smart phones and BlackBerry playbook. Application WOL (Wake on LAN) will help you power ON / OFF your computer (regardless of the type) via the Internet. For this application we need a quality beta group! Among all participants we will choose 20 users, which will help us with WoL testing.

    We are aware that we are a small company, which has only begun its work. Of course we have a lot of experience in the BlackBerry world, but to build a theme (HedoneDesign) has absolutely nothing to do with building applications. These are two completely different worlds whose common point is only graphical UI.

    We try to build more high-quality, user-friendly applications that will make your life easier, save you some valuable time or keep you entertained.

    We will not be able to do this if we do not have a quality group of users who will test our application and provide information necessary to build a quality end product.

    As a CrackBerry Forum user you are an ideal person for our beta group! A user who uses his BlackBerry in everyday life and is aware of the advantages that this device brings!

    Who are the people that come into play? We are looking for people who are already using BlackBerry for some time and have a little more than a basic knowledge of their devices. Here are the conditions for participation:
    - Experience with the BlackBerry device at least for 1 year
    - At least one BlackBerry smartphone (with operating system 5.0 or higher)
    - BlackBerry playbook (operating system is not important)
    - Use of the bridge
    - BIS or BES connection
    - Tracking the news from the world of BlackBerry
    - A regular user of CrackBerry Forum

    What you need to do to participate in the selection:
    - Leave a brief description of your BlackBerry knowledge as a comment on our web site or do it in response to this post.

    Additional information can be found on our website. We'll chose 20 users next week (till November 19, 2011) from all of you who'll leave a comment on our website or on CrackBerry forum.
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    11-09-11 05:37 PM
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    BB user for 8+ years, currently using a 9810,a playbook and utilize the bridge.
    If I can help beta test your new app(s) let me know, I'm happy to help anyone that supports the Playbook.


    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-09-11 07:27 PM
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    BB user for four years. Storm2 and bridged playbook (16g) owner. Check crackberry blog and forums many times a day through blackberry news app and crackberry app
    11-09-11 08:08 PM
  4. erhan8's Avatar
    - BB user 4+ yrs. / advanced user
    - 9850 os7 / 9550 os5
    - 32 gig PlayBook
    - Bridge daily
    - BIS connection
    - BB enthusiast/?fanboy?
    - Crackberry commoner

    I'm very interested in the idea as I support over 400 pc's and the application could be very useful. I personally own 6 that I would be willing to test with. Always forgetting to power up the ones I may need to remotely connect to throughout the day.
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    11-09-11 08:57 PM
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    pb 16gb os 2.0 and bb 9900 been here since 2009
    11-09-11 09:43 PM
  6. ealvnv's Avatar
    User since 2005, currently using 9900 Bold as main device and 9700 as backup, Playbook OS 2.0, advanced user on both devices, BIS and bridge, more of a reader then a poster in here, follow all things tech on a daily basis.
    11-09-11 10:21 PM
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    blackberry road warrior.
    torch 9800 , pb 32g, blueant blue tooth. uniden gps .only thing missing is remote desktop
    i use my pb for reading, and replying to emails whilst on the road, reading pdf,s, docs, spreadsheets, videos. when at home i prefer crackberry on my pb .
    11-10-11 01:39 AM
  8. sonnguyenthach's Avatar
    - I've used 4+ yrs. / advanced user (find me at: http://www.tinhte.vn/u/ntson/)
    - 9900 os7 / 9530 os 5 / 8100 os 4.5
    - 16GB Playbook
    - Bridged
    - BIS connection

    If I can help beta test your new app, pls let me know.
    I use my BB and PB for reading SMS, BBM, email, reading pdf, docs... and for entertainment
    11-10-11 02:06 AM
  9. DarkKnight08's Avatar
    Started with a Curve and am now using my Bold 9650 (so 4+ years)
    Bought the PB the day it was released (and still love it) and couldn't function without bridge (for work and play)
    Read Crackberry updates and visit forum daily
    11-10-11 08:10 AM
  10. alekza's Avatar
    BB User for 2 years.
    Owned 3 BBs. Currently a Bold 9700.
    32GB & 16GB PB User.
    Use of Bridge often.

    Engineering Student. Knowledge on Programming.
    11-10-11 08:27 AM
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    I see we have some great users signed already!!! If you didnt yet leave a comment, do that now!
    11-10-11 11:39 AM
  12. fruitloaf's Avatar
    I don't meet your criteria (no BB phone) but I do have a playbook and use WoL every day to wake my media PC and desktop so if you need someone to provide you with some extra testing I'd be very happy to and hopefully I can give you some decent feedback since I'm a programmer.
    11-10-11 06:20 PM
  13. hedone.hawker's Avatar
    I don't meet your criteria (no BB phone) but I do have a playbook and use WoL every day to wake my media PC and desktop so if you need someone to provide you with some extra testing I'd be very happy to and hopefully I can give you some decent feedback since I'm a programmer.
    we'll consider you anyway, since this app is for BlackBerry Playbook, BlackBerry smartphones and Android devices.
    11-11-11 06:44 AM
  14. julie_123's Avatar
    11-11-11 06:57 AM
  15. julie_123's Avatar
    converting request: Angel Piano.apk
    11-11-11 06:58 AM
  16. hedone.hawker's Avatar
    converting request: Angel Piano.apk
    Julie, this is not post for submitting requests like this. We are looking for beta testers for your new application in this post.
    11-11-11 07:01 AM