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    I'd already reported one "known issue" where the 1.0.8 update broke Battery Guru's axis labels.

    Yesterday, one sharp user reported another problem where he could not access an export file he had just created. The problem affects all users who have updated to either of the recent updates (2.0 beta or 1.0.8), and applies to all newly created export files. There is no workaround possible, so we'll be issuing an emergency fix shortly.

    I just mentioned the issue in another post, and there's detailed coverage of the investigation in the support forums.

    Until we release an update with a fix for this (should be within the next two days), you can continue to use Battery Guru and it will keep recording your readings, but you will not be able to access any export files. In fact, even after the update, files you've exported since the OS update will remain inaccessible so you might as well delete those right now. (They aren't visible from the network share... you'd have to use a local file browser on the PlayBook, such as Files & Folders.)

    To other developers: if you used the same technique, creating an output file in your tmp/ folder and then doing a rename to the shared/ folder tree, to keep things "clean", your app will be affected in the same way, so see the supportforums thread for help.
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    I have a fix for this issue, and the graph tick label position problem, and should be able to submit it to App World for approval within the next day.
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