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    Hey everyone! Here's my review of Azkend 2. At 5.99$, this title seems a little heavily priced. It's by 10Tons, the people who brought us Sparkle, Heroes of Kalevala, Joining Hands, Ironworm, and King Oddball. If you've played Heroes of Kalevala, you'll find yourself in familiar territory here. Azkend 2 is another match 3 style game, where rather than swapping tiles to make your matches, you drag your finger along strings of matching tiles to vanish them from the board. Matching six or more causes electricity to spark certain tiles to help you complete your task.

    You'll have a variety of things to complete depending on the board, besides just matching tiles. Some of them require you to change all the tiles to a different colour, by matching over them once or twice. Sometimes the board is on fire, and the fire spreads over time, and you have to match adjacent tiles to fully extinguish the flames. Sometimes you'll be faced with frozen or locked tiles, which block the tile they're on, or portions of the board. Sometimes bugs are crawling around, blocking the tile they're on and requiring you to zap them and match next to them a certain amount of times before they're killed. And sometimes there's simply fog on the board, which clears off as you match next to it. Finally, some of the levels simply require you to match all the pieces on the board to get rid of them, without leaving any behind.

    As you progress through the game, a variety of power-ups are made available, and are equipable as active or passive items. Active items are tiles that when matched have an effect, such as removing isolated tiles, smashing certain ones, blowing some off the board, etc. Passive ones can give you more time, make more active power-up tiles appear, remove one variety of tile. There are plenty to choose from which can be better suited to certain board types.

    Every few levels you'll be presented with a scenic picture, and have to find elements within the picture. The better you do, the more bonus you get in the following boards. Besides the main game, you also have a beat the clock version of all the boards, where you try to beat your high scores. You also have a medal challenge, where to earn your medal you must beat it in a certain time limit.
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    Hmm.. never hard of this game.. off to check it out, thanks!
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    Woohoo! My pics uploaded!
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