1. csomakk's Avatar
    I'd like to share my app with you guys. It is called chameleon browser. It was designed to be a secondary browser. It has full screen browsing experience, user agent hacks (access Gmail desktop, and other sites desktop version easily.) also it has aprivacy mode and a data saving feature if your on a pay per mb wifi.
    I use my playbook with my girlfriend and it is a good solution to skip the login and sign out issues.
    If someone pays a dollar for a twitter launcher, he is dumb. You can use my app as a separate app for any website.
    Hope you'll like it.
    I'm a playbook user and made it for myself, but if someone has the same issues,he'll like it.
    Thanks for listening.
    Gabor Csomk fro. Hungary.
    03-10-12 03:30 AM
  2. nimrodity's Avatar
    Is this an android app or a real playbook app?
    03-10-12 03:55 AM
  3. Tomcat_Alley's Avatar
    its PB specific, no android porting here... ive downloaded it and it looks pretty awesome so far. i dont think it will replace the stock browser, but like you say, to use specifically for twitter or something... and for free, im going to say on first inspection, 5 stars.

    Gotta go out now, ill use it through the day and get back on this one, but i must say, while a Browser is not something the PB is lacking, those suffering from a weird browser crash should totally check this out.
    03-10-12 04:14 AM
  4. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    03-10-12 04:39 AM
  5. BBFTW88's Avatar
    Just downloading this now..... Can't see it being better than the stock browser.
    03-10-12 07:32 AM
  6. csomakk's Avatar
    I've never meant it to become better than the stock browser, but I've wanted to make an awesome secondary browser for 3g or girlfriend usage..
    One feedback said that it uses a load of ram. How can I check the app's mem usage? I want to fix it.
    And this is not an Android app. It is built in flex (air)
    03-10-12 12:29 PM