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    If you have downloaded Money Plus and are getting white screen upon starting this means you have not allowed the app File access permissions when prompted.

    To resolve this until fix is approved (already submitted to App World and waiting for RIM approval) you need to do the following:

    Go to PlayBook settings
    Open Security tap
    Click on Application Permissions
    Find Money Plus and select it
    Click on Allow next to Files
    Click on back
    Restart Money Plus and you are set

    The reason is that I did not handle properly exception resulting from not having file access.

    I have released fix (1.1.105) which:

    1) Does not access your backup folder until you go to backup screen
    2) Displays friendly message instead of crashing

    Note this is only applicable if you have denied file access, if you allowed you are all good.

    Sorry for the trouble

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    03-17-12 02:39 PM