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    edit: Forget this, it was because the letters were not lowercase. I don't have a bluetooth keyboard so how would I get rid of the self test

    Need help with atari800. I got it sideloaded and it opens and it tells me and i QUOTE

    Atari800/os Emulation Halted
    copyright (c) 1997 David J. Firth
    (c) 1998-2010 Atari800 Development Team
    sorry this program needs a real Atari/os
    Visit the Web pages to find out more

    the link redirects me to Atari800 where I can only find a download link to an emulator, which I already have. Please, tell me what to download, where to download and what to do please and thank you.

    By the way, I'm running and I have atari800 emulator for playbook version Which is downloaded from
    froggyface: Atari800 emulator Playbook port.

    Long live the golden gaming ages.
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