1. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    I played the free version of Sketch W Friends for the first time last night and found it to be a very fun game.

    The one issue I have is if I wanted to play with my friends and family, we would all need to be on our PlayBooks/Xooms/Galaxy tablets at the same time. This is a tall order as we're all busy people and it's tough to get everyone together like that.

    For this reason the idea of asynchronous multiplayer is appealing. Games like Words with Friends and recently, Draw Something have enjoyed great success with this formula. Why? Because they're great games but also because they allow you to play a game with your friends but on your own time.

    I know you can sideload Words with Friends on your PlayBook but my friends that live on the other side of the coast can't be bothered to figure out how this sideloading stuff works. They'll only download an app if it appears on App World.

    So my question to you is a two parter:
    1. Would you like to see more asynchronous multiplayer or are you content with the decent variety of real-time multiplayer?
    2. Are there any asynchronous games that I am missing out on?
    03-29-12 11:32 AM
  2. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    I enjoy asynchronous multiplayer, as I just do not have the time for a lot of multilpayer games anymore.

    I am in the process of finishing up a webchess server and client that will allow playbook users to play via realtime or correspondence chess.

    Go, or Wei Qi would be another good candidate for asynchronous play. Bonus points if it connects to the Kiseido Go Server (gokgs.com)

    Basically any board game can follow this model, and would be quite interesting to playm, and a joy to see on the playbook.
    03-29-12 11:44 AM