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    I would like to introduce our game which was just released for Playbook. Assault Extreme is a classical style tank arcade with lots of levels and enemies. You have to control tank viewed from top-down and usually clear level from enemy tanks (in some levels you have to do other tasks).

    Levels are challenging and very interesting to play. Your tank is not that durable and enemies will not be destroyed from one shot (at least with most types of weapon), they also has some AI to hunt you down. So you have to think instead of just shooting everyone in front of you. Primary skills in game are proper maneuvering and finding best route.

    Assault Extreme at App World

    Assault Extreme is:
    - classical style game with new gameplay
    - lots of challenging levels
    - different environments
    - different enemy tanks (including stealth tanks)
    - smart AI
    - 5 weapons and energy shield
    - more than 200k players on all mobile platforms

    Price is just 0.99 on launch! I hope you'll like it and please feel free to post your suggestions here. Thank you.

    Here is the video from Assault Extreme x2 (other game from series, much more hardcore than Assault Extreme):

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    10-07-11 08:30 AM
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    The app is pretty good. Reminds me of my younger days!

    Would it be possible to make the app rotate?
    10-07-11 10:46 AM
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    Glad to hear that you liked i! You mean portrait mode support?
    10-07-11 01:59 PM
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    No. Landscape is perfect for the game.

    But after you start the app, then you turn your PB upside down, you will know what I mean.
    10-07-11 06:30 PM
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    Ok, got it. We will check if Marmalade SDK will allow us to add this feature.
    10-08-11 07:46 PM
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    The app is pretty good. Reminds me of my younger days!

    Would it be possible to make the app rotate?
    Atari battle tank? I think it was.
    10-08-11 08:05 PM
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    Is it anything like Bolo (old PC game)? Can you use pill boxes and land mines?
    10-09-11 01:17 PM
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    Good news. Now you can try game demo for free:

    Hope you'll like it
    10-13-11 02:12 PM