1. RolfWeber's Avatar
    This is a standout game, the download is twice the size of NFS and it shows. Graphics, fluidity, gameplay all just exude quality. Even the interaction available just choosing a car is great with tilt, pan and zoom options. Don't forget to invest in a 5 - 7 metre HDMI cable sit back and enjoy the ride.
    11-10-11 03:59 AM
  2. f1mx's Avatar
    nice to know, maybe I'll buy it. Being Lamborghinis in that game has a kind of appeal but wanted to see if anyone found the game worth the money
    11-10-11 10:22 AM
  3. willtothewong's Avatar
    Oh good to hear!

    I was wondering if it is worth the money.
    11-10-11 11:44 AM
  4. Deathcommand's Avatar
    I think it is the best, if not among the best games on PB.
    11-10-11 11:47 AM
  5. shootsscores's Avatar
    I've bought two premium games so far: Dead Space and N.O.V.A. Enjoy them both equally. DS is really, effectively creepy. The music gets me everytime. NOVA is a lot of fun though I had to resort to a cheat to get past the final maze. That game had me shouting, "In your face, you (insert eff bomb here)!" when I finally killed the overseer.

    Playbook is an apt name with the high quality games coming out.
    11-10-11 12:04 PM
  6. tommynap01's Avatar
    great game
    11-10-11 12:17 PM