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    Hi there,

    I thought the problems I mention here were relevant enough to make them known outside of French forums.

    Well the most obvious issue is that in Appworld the comments in French often have incorrectly displayed accented characters, which results in computer gibberish.

    This is a bit shocking as Blackberry products are supposed to be business class, and yet they can't do characters as well as many common and free php/sql systems.

    Now the contents is an issue too. We are invaded by illiterate comments, or at least unsuitable comments if you expect a business class quality management.

    Some users believe the comments are a forum, and ask question like "Can someone tell me how to do this ?" without giving valuable comments on the app.

    Others write in SMS short-text language (equivalent of "I luv u" if you wish), which is in this country typical of teenage educational failures, and give the average adult an urge to run away.

    Whenever I post a comment I am told by the system that it will be reviewed before publication. Frankly I don't understand how the blatantly illiterate or useless comments could ever pass moderation.

    Does someone have an explanation ? Is it the same in all countries, or just mine ?
    02-27-12 06:31 PM
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    No answer...

    Do you realize RIM is Canadian and they can't even display French accented characters correctly in their Appworld ?

    What do Spanish users say ?
    02-28-12 02:50 AM
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    Well, the comments in many so called 'reviews' can be rather pathetic no matter what language is being used. The letters can be displayed with their appropriate accent characters, but how many people truly bother to use them? And, a quick perusal of the reviews reveals such things as a single word, suck as great, sucks, rocks, reeks, et cetera.

    Language skills have certainly deteriorated in the last few years. Text speak is rampant in many levels of communication, and really isn't impressive, especially when some mental case sits across from you and actually uses things like LOL or FTW in their speaking pattern.

    And even stranger is the people who post in the reviews like it's a Personals or hook-up column. It's an epidemic, and certainly takes time to clean up. Think of how many apps there are in App World, then how many times those apps are reviewed, and you've created a task akin to cleaning out the Augean Stables with a used toothbrush.
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    02-28-12 03:30 AM
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    I agree with you on illiteracy, but not about accented characters.

    Those users did chose to use the accented characters, it's the system that doesn't interpret them and render them in human language.

    The problem occurs when they type from their PC keyboard.
    02-28-12 03:44 AM
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    Ahh, as far as from a PC standpoint entering characters, I admit I've no idea, there.
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    02-28-12 04:44 AM