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    I've found some information in the forums on this, but some of it is vague or conflicting. Does anyone know for a fact how the AppWorld review system works?

    1) I've read developers can delete reviews, and have noticed reviews vanishing, including my own. Funny thing is, one of the reviews I posted was glowing, 4 1/2 stars, nothing bad to say, and a focus on everything I found good about the app. I've noticed other people's positive reviews vanishing too, while negative ones remain. If developers can delete reviews, why xo so many negative ones remain, while positive ones disappear?

    2) How does AppWorld sort the reviews? When scrolling through them, they seem clumped together by date, but the dates don't necessarily count up or down. And while scrolling, some reviews keep coming back up, even though you do actually eventually get to the end of the list.
    08-03-12 09:03 PM
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    Reviews take up-to 24 hours to appear
    There are filters that will autoblock some posts based on words
    Users with many deleted posts will have autoblocked posts
    As a developer i can report a review to remove it
    It takes about 24hrs to vanish
    Regardless of reviews, use appworldbilling@rim.com for refunds on bad apps
    They are supposed to sort by date and version with recent on top
    The whole app store is not coded the greatest --- built by rim in air, its the implementation usually

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