1. robert.wason's Avatar
    Since the latest update to AppWorld (for BB) included the ability to delete unwanted apps completely, I wonder when we will be able to do the same from our PlayBooks. I've got a mighty long uninstalled list I'd like to clean up!
    11-02-12 10:44 AM
  2. mitfry's Avatar
    They can't leave out any functionality we have on our BlackBerry's AppWorld so whenever the're gonna update AppWorld for our PlayBooks I think this will be on of its new features. Would be very nice to be able to clear that uninstalled list.

    Speaking of AppWorld.. I can't wait until the're gonna update it and make it run smooth, it currently is, and has always been laggy as sh*t in my opinion. Especially if you compare it to the overall interface.
    11-02-12 10:53 AM
  3. robert.wason's Avatar
    Agreed, just a matter of timing.
    11-02-12 10:54 AM

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