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    ok fellas..

    i just got my griffin stylus and i have 2 sketch apps: skit and scroodle

    the griffin seems to be working fine with both apps however, im not so comfortable with using it as you lose speed by trying either apps. i feel more comfortable by using a type note ('notes' app is a good app for that because it can be saved as word!)

    i have a few questions about the use of stylus for playbooks in general:
    -is it the screen of PB which generally makes the use of stylus not as efficient as we would like it to be?
    -is the screen for ipad better for sketching than PBs?
    -is it because of the available styli that there is not a dedicated stylus for PB yet?? or the impact on PB screen should be the same as the ipad ones?
    -is it because the sketching programs for PB are not too good yet?

    in general, if you are a fast typist, using the typing note programs will be a lot better for you. much faster and cleaner. i timed both methods and for the same list i typed/sketched it took me 25 seconds for sketching and mere 11 seconds for typing so i have pretty much decided to drop the sketching method for now atleast until either apps for sketching or stylus? or is it simply the screen for PB are improved for fast note taking. sketching is perhaps good if you are drawing or so.

    app 'notes' is good. you cant ask for more as it does convert the files to word docs so you dont need double work. you take the converted notes back to office and you edit it and use it.
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    07-03-11 09:51 AM
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    by the way: has anyone tried 'ideapad' app?

    if so, how does it compare to skit?
    07-03-11 09:53 AM
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    sketchbook is by far the best of these apps

    and what is the use of the Notes app if you already have Word to Go?
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    07-03-11 03:28 PM
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    sketchbook is by far the best of these apps

    and what is the use of the Notes app if you already have Word to Go?

    you are right on both accounts. the sketchbook is far better for using the stylus (im using griffin which is working fine). i also downloaded another free app called scratch pad which is working fine also with the screen/stylus.

    the issue i find with all those apps is how do you scroll down if you want to add more lines to the list you have?

    interestingly enough, more apps are appearing constantly which utilize the screen writing tc...

    and i agree that you could use the word for taking notes so i think for someone who is a fast typist perhaps will find it more convenient to use the typing app/word.

    but for those who are in classrooms or in meetings where drawings are made or required the sketch would suit more.

    for those who are looking for a decent stylus, the griffin is working fine. i think there was a person here who was using the targus and was having problems so this is my experience with the griffin.

    07-04-11 01:22 AM