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    Good day,
    I am currently considering buying the playbook since I like the form factor. One of the most important tasks for me would be its use as a dictionary. I do know which dictionary app I would like to buy, unfortunately the publisher of one of the most important german dictionaries does not specify on his website if the app is for Blackberry phones OR/AND the playbook. Therefore my question: Is there a way that apps for phones run on the playbook - or do all apps run on phones and the playbook?

    Secondly I would like to know if Android differentiates in between apps for phones and tablets?

    Furthermore and I know this may have asked before: What are the downsides of sideloading Android apps on the playbook?

    Thank you for your help and this awesome platform,
    06-01-12 05:03 AM
  2. GinaWrite's Avatar

    BB phone apps currently are programmed in Java. PlayBook apps aren't. So one won't work on the other.

    As far as I can see, Android apps have no idea what kind of device is running them. I was given an android tablet and it appears the only thing that matters is the OS revision.

    The downside to sideloading is having to do everything yourself.

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    06-01-12 08:46 AM
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    This has a lot to do with fragmentation, which most are moving away from. Similar to iDevices, there's less Android fragmentation (while still relatively abundant in comparison to others), and the BB10 intent is that of the non-fragmented sort. OS7 and prior BlackBerry devices are about as fragmented as, well, I've got nothing that's not-NSFW. But it's pretty bad.
    06-01-12 10:53 AM
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    Thank you, I guess I will buy the Android app then.
    06-01-12 10:53 AM