1. jdaniel001's Avatar
    When I tried to download a couple of apps from AppWorld. I get the message that its not available in my current profile. Does anyone know what that means and how do I correct my profile?
    01-24-12 02:32 PM
  2. asherwiin's Avatar
    Don't know if it is related to your problem, but I'm trying to purchase the new Remote Desktop for Playbook app, but nothing happens when I click on the 'Purchase' button...

    I'm running the latest 0S 2.0 beta, wonder if that the problem. Anyone bought an app using OS 2.0 without any issues?
    01-24-12 02:36 PM
  3. cl8baller's Avatar
    If you're running the 2.0 Developer build there WILL be problems, errors and issues.

    If you are not using it give us a few examples of what applications are not working and word for word on the error message you are getting.

    Details help A LOT.
    01-24-12 07:43 PM