1. kitten24901's Avatar
    We all know that playbook could do with a little more app power. Stuff like talking friends, fruit ninja and the furby app.
    Personally, I want to see talking tom and Ben news on app world, any of the talking friends is fine. But the news one is in my opinion the most unique.
    So, what do YOU want to see in app world?
    01-02-13 07:20 AM
  2. TrioGM's Avatar
    Many games from major devs, more social apps and leisure ones, an official Twitter client and an update to the current major apps. But I'm sure this will be present when the playbook updates to BB10.
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    01-02-13 07:49 AM
  3. bdegrande's Avatar
    BeyondPod or any good podcast listening app
    An audio editing app
    A photo editing app with layers
    The usual suspects - Skype, Kindle, Netflix
    01-02-13 08:26 AM
  4. pragnesh89's Avatar
    Built in app to make video playlists
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    01-02-13 08:28 AM
  5. Crowezine's Avatar
    Skype, Kindle, An official Twitter Client,

    More of Evernote's creation - Skitch, Hello, Food, One Browser.

    Id also like to see more mainstream games. Like Sims, which has appeared on mobiles before.
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    01-02-13 08:40 AM
  6. pbluv's Avatar
    I'd like to see a database application. I've tried what's currently available (Cellica, Dbase, Database Forms, etc). All of them are pretty basic, with no programming ability.
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    01-02-13 08:55 AM
  7. Crowezine's Avatar
    I can understand this. BlackBerry are trying to lean more towards business, and a more fancy looking database app would suit. The ones mentioned above my post seem pretty basic.
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    01-02-13 08:57 AM
  8. KidCaboose's Avatar
    A village builder game. How do we not have a fully functional and developed village builder, where you go up levels, collect goods and money, visit other people's villages, with regular updates, in app purchases, mini-games, out-of-game progression (building and production), missions and quests? The village/farm/city builder was redefined by mobile gaming into a new and unique genre that capitalises fully on the touch screen with no pc or console compromises.

    Do it. Now.
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    01-02-13 09:02 AM
  9. kitten24901's Avatar
    Skylanders cloud patrol and other stuff should be released. Gamers like me are having a hard time not having skylanders giants on Playbook!
    01-02-13 09:02 AM

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