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    Hello guys, just sharing an idea for an application for the Playbook, for Readability. Actually, Readabilityhas a mobile version website, but is not the best (since it was thought done for mobile devices with screens smaller than 5"), and the normal version does not work in offline mode, which does not help me. I had a idea for the design, as you can see below, but I haven't (yet) adequate knowledge to program an app for the Playbook. If anyone is interested in working with me to bring some app for the Playbook, contact me.

    And what do you think of the design? I think that RIM still needs to improve on the design of applications for the Playbook, there isn't an exact documentation talking how should be the layout of an application, but I think that developers should follow the design used in calendar, contacts and messages apps.

    Oh, here goes the mockup:
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    03-03-12 07:06 PM
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    I think what we have here is a match in heaven! I can definitely do the programming, but UI isn't my strong suit. I'll shoot you a message now.
    03-03-12 07:20 PM