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    Ok, here's one I haven't really seen regarding the App World and PlayBook (and if it's out there, I apologize for being "that guy"...)

    I have my PB here with me out in Afghanistan and it's been awesome. I'm able to get online with a couple of service providers here and depending on how these particular ISPs route their traffic, when I've messed with App World it either identifies me as being in Hong Kong or the UK.

    That leads me to my question: how do I change App World to the U.S. version or does it really matter? If I purchase or download a particular app, is it tied to the apparent "location" the PB thinks I'm in?

    For example, in iTunes, I can select what country's store I want but I don't seem to be able to do that in App World and wondered if it mattered/makes a difference/will screw things up when I head back home.

    Make sense?


    (P.S. -- there is definitely something to be said about having the ability to experience the "true" web -- not a limited version. Flash may or may not be relevant down the road but it's relevant RIGHT NOW because many of the sites I visit still use it (for better or worse) and knowing that this fantastic device works with it like a charm makes me grateful for having decided to grab one before heading back out here.)
    11-30-11 06:30 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I can't specifically answer your question. But appworld does "know" how to distinguish locations because folks in Europe don't see the sale prices for certain apps. Others has "forged" their location using proxy servers. Hopefully, someone will be able to answer your question with more assurance.
    11-30-11 09:13 AM