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    Why can't RIM repackage and transport all the apps from the Smartphone's App World and make it Native apps for the Playbook?

    I browsed through the Smartphone's App World and i saw plenty of high quality apps and games. Such as Pandora, Photo Studio, Yahoo! Messenger, and much more. Instead of focusing more into repackaging Android Apps onto the Playbook, they should bring their OWN apps to the Playbook first.

    I am pretty sure it won't take a whole day to repackage one app from Smartphone's App World to the Playbook App world!! If it did, i would still be Happy if only they started with the top rated apps.

    I know not all apps for Smartphone's will work for the Playbook, just like some iPhone 4S apps don't work for the Ipad or the Ipod. But Apple have made most of the apps on their apple store available to all their iDevices.

    It's about time RIM does the same.

    What are your thoughts?
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    03-17-12 12:00 PM
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    keep up with the tour please.

    playbook is qnx. phones are bbos. phone apps are coded differently and are not cross platform compatible. it's not a matter of app repackaging. it's complete recoding.

    ios can have apps across platforms because the code base is the same across all devices. this won't happen for blackberry until bb10 is released.
    03-17-12 12:08 PM
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    Actually they are not compatable at all... Majority of the smartphone apps were created before the Playbook was made... OS 5 6 7 is not compatable with QNX OS playbook uses.... Would need to recode all the apps to make them work......BB10 is suppose to fix this.... BB10 will not be compatable for BB 5, 6 7 OS....
    03-17-12 12:10 PM