1. slott's Avatar
    Hello All, yesterday my app world got an update for Overdrive Media player but i cannot get it to update.

    At times I get the error " App world is having trouble connection to the server ..." when first opening app world. But my wifi is working. I have tried resetting the modem, resetting the playbook and checking to see if the server is actually down but i can access app world via my smartphone.

    Then when I try to update the app, I get the internal error 3-5. I have tried changing the date but this doesnt appear to fix the issue. I am also having trouble accessing my Blackberry ID from the options menu.

    is it possible to delete app world on the playbook and reinstall ?

    Please help.

    03-14-12 10:14 AM
  2. slott's Avatar
    I'm beginning to wonder if this is more of an Blackberry ID issue, i saw a solution suggesting I change my ID password. I did this on my desktop computer but did not help anything. When I try looking at the ID screen under options is again says "unable to connect"
    03-14-12 10:50 AM
  3. slott's Avatar
    Wow, fixed it, delete your wifi profile and then re-enter the information and password.
    03-14-12 10:57 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Thanks for reporting on your solution. It may help someone.
    03-14-12 11:24 AM