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    I'm new to the PlayBook so maybe is something obvious to you guys, but I just found out that the size of the App reported on App World is not the acutal "installed" size, it's the compressed bar file size, i.e. download size.

    I was concerned seeing my 16gb storage filling pretty fast, didn't have much media on my PB, some PDFs, a couple clips and 57 apps.

    Then I realized after installing Star Front Collision HD, which is listed as 598mb, that my storage had actually gone down twice as that!

    It turned out I was able to lay my hands on a .bar file and looking at it in HexWorkshop, saw the file header/magic number was "PK", i.e. zip file signature... So I tried opening the .bar with 7zip and yup, it opened fine and I was able to see all the files.

    So, all that to say that the app size reported on App World is the .bar file size, which can grow up a lot after being installed...

    I wish RIM would add the installed size as well in App World, just so we know exactly how much space is actually required on the PB to install the app...

    Thoughts ?
    12-04-11 08:53 PM
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    12-04-11 09:07 PM