1. dentynefire's Avatar
    Hey does anybody feel like making a playlist editor for PB?
    The native music app sucks at it and there should be a dedicated app IMO.
    I can do the graphics or it could just be bare bones lists and selection box with the option to save the *.m3u file in a folder, I have all mine in folder "playlist" but could be different. I'm thinking HTML5 and JS but I'm not a programmer
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    10-22-11 09:32 AM
  2. GlenB's Avatar
    I agree, the inability to create playlists is a little frustrating, though any music app will need to compete with the built in one and there is no way of knowing whether the core app will be updated to include this functionality when the public, finished version of OS2 is rolled out.

    One the upside, the public release of the NDK and the open source libraries (Open Source Components for the Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS) that have been ported to the platform could make an existing Music App developers life a lot easier if they decide to port across.
    10-22-11 01:00 PM