1. killarneygetaway's Avatar
    I know there are several apps in Appworld that will calculate a mortgage payment given the Principal amount, interest, and timeframe of payments. However, this is not quite what I am looking for. I would like a mortgage calculator that will return how many months of payments I need to make given a pre-determined payment amount along with payment freqency, interest and principal. Does anyone know if any of the paid "Mortgage Calculators" out there will do this. None of them explicit state that and I don't want to start buying apps needlessly. I know that none of the free ones do as I have downloaded them all.

    For those app developers out there, a nice app would be a Mortgage calculator in which you have to complete all but one field and it will return the results for the last field. As well, a calculator to calculate early repayment penalties although I think the rules on that differ from bank to bank. Another neat feature would be to incorporate CMHC insurance for those Canadian mortgages with a less than 25% downpayment. Just sayin'....

    Anyway, for now I am just looking if there are any existing apps that will calculate the remaining # of payments.

    Thank you,
    03-16-12 12:35 PM
  2. dadathepanda's Avatar
    or better yet, a financial calculator app
    03-16-12 12:51 PM
  3. jeroen_13's Avatar
    no android version available ? i can convert it then
    PM me if you've got the .apk !!!!!!
    03-16-12 02:59 PM