1. glamrlama's Avatar
    My playbook has replaced ALL functions previously done by my personal laptop except for the above.

    Previously I was using Audacity running under Windows to directly capture ANY audio produced by the system.

    Please do not respond with use the microphones of the PB. I want to capture all audio coming from PB directly to a sound file.

    Native or android. Any know if Android offers something that would run on one of their phoines that might run in the runtime?
    07-04-12 08:37 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    While not solving your problem, it is funny that I just used Total Recorder on my computer to do just that same thing - capture the audio to a file. It could be handy to have something like that on the pb. I could see Rim blocking an official app since it could be used in violation of copyright!
    07-04-12 08:55 AM