1. jomamasan's Avatar
    I have run into a strange problem after updating to 668 yesterday.

    3 of my apps no longer start up UNLESS I have a wifi connection.

    If I start them AFTER making a connection they start up normally and sync/download without a problem. If I kill my wifi connection and leave them running they continue to function in offline mode.

    Since a major point of all 3 apps is offline access to content this is a problem. Needless to say I ran the drill. Uninstall/Reinstall and several reboots. The 3 apps specifically are:

    ReadOn Pro, OrganizeMe!, Readit Offline.

    All my other apps including sideloads appear to be ok.

    I am very curious if anyone else has seen any problems with apps after updating.
    Especially these apps or ones like them which utilize off line storage.
    08-03-12 01:13 PM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    Hmm I never used those three.

    I am running the dev beta 2.1 build and havent had any apps stop for me

    Edit:. I have about 300 apps and use about 30 daily.

    08-04-12 01:03 AM