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    Hey developers -
    I just got an HP touchpad bluetooth keyboard. I couldn't wait any longer for the blackberry version and by the looks of videos out there, it just looked too small. Anyways - the keyboard is great except for one thing. The shortcut keys do not work. I was expecting this to be the case, but I am now wondering if someone could write an app that makes the shortcut keys work. There are keys for notifications, search, show keyborad, brightness, media controls, power, show cards (i guess this would be like a swipe up from the bottom). Maybe with control and left or right arrow you could make a switch between apps like a bezel swipe on the left or right side. I am not sure if this is possible, but I think the HP keyboard has been popular for PlayBook owners and I'm sure anyone using it would buy the app (assuming it is reasonably priced). This may not be worth the effort, that is for someone else to decide.

    Thanks to anyone out there who is willing to try.
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    12-26-11 04:19 PM
  2. Shao128's Avatar
    Not possible at this time unfortunately.
    12-26-11 04:33 PM
  3. chrism_scotland's Avatar
    I believe we're waiting for developers to get more access to the Bluetooth before this can happen. But I'd like to see it, I also have this keyboard.
    12-26-11 05:47 PM
  4. chi-town311's Avatar
    well that sucks. thanks for the feedback.
    12-26-11 10:10 PM