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    APK Downloader

    gmail username, pw, android id

    convert, sign, sideload

    chrome extension that allows you to d/l apk's directly to your computer from the google android market. This is a mirror of the original extension. I have no ideas how these work or how the information they gain is used though it supposedly puts any apk directly on your computer.

    I am unable to test it now because I dont have a gmail account associated with any android device. Tomorrow I will walk into a best buy or something and see if I can log in with a spare gmail account and associate it with a tablet or phone.

    I'm unsure of how long this extension will be able to be used as it violates android market ToS

    edit: sorry I guess this belongs in the android side loading forum and i noticed someone posted there 30 minutes before me. though they were missing the link to the only working extension
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    But If You Go Into Ice Cream Sandwich There Is Now A Market Icon But It Works Un Till You Click Set-Up New Account, Thanks
    02-26-12 02:10 PM
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    just tested it tonight and it works great! got a program i've been trying to get for a while but no one else has. punjabi kosh trial. works great on the pb. hope it gets officially released for the playbook soon but until then the trial will have to do.

    the full version costs $3 and in order to d/l this with the extension you still need to purchase it. never tried doing this but I'm sure I can figure out a way to associate my paypal account with this spare gmail account I used to sign up with.

    Im afraid to but I might as well put out the word if you have any requests I can d/l, covert, sign for anything thats free and I can see what I can do. i dont want to get any crazy load of requests though so if I dont reply to your pm its because I got too many.

    here is a howto from india bb "bbin" indias best blackberry community
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