04-11-12 01:54 AM
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  1. ssbtech's Avatar
    Just take any one of the many sketch apps and try writing with a stylus on the PlayBook. The PB sucks for handwriting input.
    04-10-12 08:55 PM
  2. polytope's Avatar
    There is one called Skit, one called IdeaPad and another called Scroodle, which is more like a chalk board or white board.. None of them are perfect and all are good for certain use cases. I have all three and haven't decided which one I like best.

    Wishing someone would come up with something closer to Notes Plus for iPad.. That would rock!

    On a side note, have you found a stylus you like? The one I have is a Targus, I think, and it has a squishy rubber tip on the end. The problem I have with it is that you really have to press down hard on the screen to get it to register your strokes. Have you found one that you like?
    All the styluses (or is it styli?) that I tried felt like crayons. I wish one could attach a Wacom Intuos to the the PB. That would be nice.
    04-11-12 01:54 AM
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