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    Looking for an app that creates contacts from business cards. Anything for the Playbook out there ? Would have to use camera to capture the details I am thinking.
    12-29-11 03:11 PM
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    does not look like there is one yet. pb is great but it does need more apps. lets hope we will get one for os2 either native or android
    12-29-11 05:13 PM
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    You could easily just use the playbooks back camera and use one of the file browsers or your pc to make a business card folder to store the pictures of cards in.. kinda not what your looking for i know. but it would do the trick just fine imo

    There is also a thread started by a hungry developer about what apps you want because he is in the mood to develop some apps You should post your suggestion asap

    http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...issing-682670/ Theres a link to his thread
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    12-30-11 06:18 PM
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    Another alternative is to use Evernote.

    Take a picture of the business card with Evernote and tag it or save it under a notebook. Be consistent as how you tag or save your snapshots.

    The Evernote servers run an image recognition algorithm on pictures saved to your account so every text that are on your snapshot is "read" and becomes searcheable.

    Evernote will automatically sync all your notes and images across all your devices, so a business card you scanned on your playbook will be available automatically on your desktop or phone.

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    12-31-11 07:40 AM
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    Well, now there is an app like this. App is called "Business Cards". If You have any feature requests, drop me a line as I'm the author.

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    09-28-12 05:34 AM