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    This is 'yet another' petition thread... this time for the Evernote application.

    The point of this thread is for those with similar view points to go ahead to the Evernote forums and make their voices heard.

    Please only post in the Evernote forums if you actually use and want an improved native Evernote app for the PlayBook.

    !!! The link to the forum is at the bottom of this post !!!

    Very basic requests for the App that we want:
    • Offline storage capabilities
    • Rich note editing
    • Nicer looking interface like the Android version... notes spread out in a user-friendly tile format is very appealing

    What we do NOT want:
    • We do not want Evernote to ditch their native app in return for the Android port

    Why do we not support the above? Because there are many flaws with the Android virtual machine path:
    - I have experienced notes crashing when editing notes and the only way you can fix it is by restarting the PlayBook which will take 5 minutes... this is not acceptable behaviour especially if you are using Evernote in a fast-paced/working environment... it's just really frustrating
    - Does not support launching camera... it's just an extra step for end-users to separately open the camera/video app to then switch back over to Evernote to attach the file to the note
    - Simply put; the Android virtual machine on the PlayBook is buggy. If you've played around with Android apps for long enough then you may have already experienced this.
    - By its very nature, apps on the virtual machine are laggy and slow compared to native applications... for a complex app like Evernote which interacts with many functions and features as well as loading up a lot of notes, it is more prone to crashes and slowness.

    Now you might be thinking - "where did you even get this idea that Evernote could be ditching the Native app in favour of the Android port?!?!"

    Below is a statement on the forums from an Evernote employee replying to a concern about the App being broken on OS2 (due to predictive text):
    This is, unfortunately, caused by Playbooks OS2 which was released shortly after our newest version was released. It appears predictive text is the root cause. We're presently reviewing options.

    We have some users successfully using the Android client on the Playbook as a possible alternative.
    When you have an employee encouraging users to side-load an Android port of their application when they already have a native version it sounds like they may be looking to just scrap the native and launch the Android version to the market; especially since the native version has been broken for nearly a month now with no word of an update.

    Please make your voices heard in the Evernote forums if you share the same concerns and frustrations (there are some PlayBook threads already open):
    Evernote for BlackBerry - Evernote User Forum
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    03-17-12 05:42 AM
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    i have sent them numerous emails through the support page and had the standard response back, with them saying they are looking in to the matter.

    I do not hold out any hope for a fix.
    03-17-12 06:02 AM
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    I agree. Please fix it natively.
    03-17-12 06:53 AM
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    I agree too, what is it with these people and their lame excuses, tut tut
    03-17-12 07:46 AM
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    Guys if you haven't already - please post your concerns on the forums over at Evernote!

    Evernote for BlackBerry - Evernote User Forum
    03-17-12 07:54 AM
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    I am surprised this has not gotten more attention; I would have thought a lot more people use Evernote on a daily basis!
    03-20-12 02:13 PM
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    I can't believe we are still waiting on this.
    03-30-12 11:27 PM