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    I know others use their Playbook for marking up dwgs. in the field, so I am looking for advise.

    I can find programs that will allow this, but will not zoom (jotsy - who has very poor tech support) or others that zoom but do not allow for importing pdf or jpg.

    Evernote has not given us Skitch and will not commit to this feature.

    Any thing I am missing?

    thks in advance
    06-27-12 10:11 AM
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    with you on looking for advice on an app. I am in industrial sales, and like to deliver my products personally to the end user in plants/refineries so I would love to be able to use "Print to Go" to capture my Packing List in my PB, then have them client sign for receipt on-screen on that document. I have to provide proof of delivery for POs to be paid.

    Currently, old school option is hard copy print out, have them sign, them fax or scan the signed copy to my home office in adjacent state. Secondary option I am experimenting with is hard copy signed, then taking a picture with PB for pdf conversion (PDF Creator Ultimate - using free version but it needs serious work - forces front camera, can't switch to back camera), then instant email attachment as proof of delivery.

    Really want app that allows me to be paperless: document on-screen, customers signs (stylus), make a couple of notes, re-save. Doesn't even have to be pdf - can convert later. Same for technical drawings, mechanical drawings, construction prints or photos: make notes, mark-ups, etc, that can be saved "on" the document/photo and printed later

    06-27-12 11:19 AM
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    There is a free app in app world called Photo Note that allows you to draw on a picture stored on your PB. So, I suppose you could take a picture of your doc, then open it in Photo Note, then write on it or have customers sign it. It also allows for zoom.
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    06-27-12 11:29 AM
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    Just re-discovered Picinote (in AppWorld)

    Sent them an email asking about capabilities, and gave them a link to this thread. Maybe they'll join us, or at least I will report on their answer. Go check them out on the web - pretty good video demonstration.

    I think they are the answer . . . hope . . .

    ****EDIT**** Thanks paco - didn't see your post - will check them out, too, but picinote is looking pretty good.
    06-27-12 11:56 AM
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    It appears Picinote also will also do this.

    I would rather work in pdf's though.
    06-27-12 11:57 AM
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    Yeah, me too. Asked Pici if that can be a future capability vs only working with photos.

    My option would be like I said, snap shot of packing list ahead of time, have them sign on-screen in Pici, then save and email as pdf.

    3.99 not bad for ease of use in field, but for other uses, pdf import would be very key (prints, drawings, technical docs, etc.)

    ****EDIT**** P.S. Powdah, you mentioned "in the field" and drawings, what do you do? I sell a very specialized line of pipe and tubing fittings for industrial, medical gas, manufacturing, marine/offshore, etc. Piping designers, mechanical engineers, planners, maintenance managers, turnaround managers, etc.
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    06-27-12 12:12 PM
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    Just found in app world, qPDF notes allows you to write on PDFs, plus it zooms. There is a free demo and a paid app in app world.
    06-27-12 12:21 PM
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    Just found in app world, qPDF notes allows you to write on PDFs, plus it zooms. There is a free demo and a paid app in app world.
    Current Thread here on CrackBerry
    06-27-12 12:24 PM
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    I am a landscape architect / site planner specializing in winery development / ag tourism.
    06-27-12 12:40 PM
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    Current Thread here on CrackBerry
    Not sure what the point is. It was that thread that led me to qPDF Notes. I also posted a responce in that thread about how to open PDFs in the app. Anyhow, I think that the app that that thread refers to is qPDF Viewer, not Notes, they're two seperate apps. The reason that I went to app world was because I had responded to the thread thinking that the app he was referring to was Quick PDF, not qPDF. Quick PDF is contained within the android app Quick Office Pro, which I have on my PB. I went to app world to see if there was a app called qPDF and if so whether it was the same app- turns out there is and it's not the same app. That's when I saw qPDF notes. In any event, my advice in that thread is still good, and qPDF notes seems to provide what you're looking for.
    06-27-12 12:45 PM
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    I will be trying this one out. The demo seems to be a little slow rendering when zooming, but that could be a Playbook issue.

    Now to find a good stylus. Any suggestions.
    06-27-12 01:02 PM
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    You should try Repligo Reader - side load Andriod. It has annotations, sticky notes, free hand sketch, rectangle,oval, line, arrow text box with a save as or send option. Great for PDF's. I have used it with PDF's with just a few pages. Not sure how it will handle larger files. ALSO - you can purchase File Converter in App World. This is a great tool to change the format of files - convert .doc to .pdf etc. You can even convert .jpg to .pdf
    06-27-12 02:05 PM
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    Not sure what the point is.
    Just sharing that thread with others b/c of your answers there, thinking it was a "notes" type app. Later discovered qPDF Notes was a "sister" app and have been checking it out. Looks promising, and would pay the 9.99 if I was assured it was 100%
    06-27-12 03:40 PM
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    From Picinote in response to my questions.

    Yes, it is possible to export marked up images to pdf as well as jpegs. At this moment you can import any common image format (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.). PDF importing is on the roadmap and currently being worked on. DWG files are also something to consider but because this is a very proprietary file format like PDFs it adds a lot of complexity to decoding these files especially when considering supporting multiple versions of the format, so for now we will work on PDF files and keep DWG importing as a possible future update. Right now you can only export to Dropbox, there is no Playbook app for Dropbox and therefore no local repository for its contents to import from. To make this possible we would literally have to build our own Dropbox application, I do understand that Dropbox itself is working on a Playbook version of their app and when that happens we will look into integrating it into Picinote, although the release date is unknown at this time.

    Also, I find qPDF demo is very slow to render pdf dwgs. Also, note very clear compared to the adobe reader.
    06-28-12 10:19 AM
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    I think you should use ReaConverter Pro software; it is great batch image converter. And it supports multiple formats as I can see. Main features: Convert images to JPG, GIF, BMP, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIF image formats from any (BMP, DCR, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TIFF, TGA, WMF, FPX, EPS...).And we can resize, crop, rotate and mirror images, change color resolution. Change image's brightness, contrast, and gamma also.
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    08-15-12 02:43 PM
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    i have tried several apps that allow image annotation and drawing on the image.

    none have been as simple and easy to use as DrawN Draw - which, amazingly, is also free and reduces bulky images to save my PB memory...

    the only drawback imo is that it auto saves edited images into documents folder instead of pictures.

    i use it extensively with Groovy Notes to illustrate my diary entries with various annotated camera shots...i typically enter white-colored text (btw, it allows different font sizes) on the dark portion of the pic record date, place etc.

    to top it, it is a very lean app.
    08-17-12 06:47 AM