1. ScoobsDM's Avatar
    Has anyone played Animal Race yet? If not i highly suggest checking out the free version. I played free for several days before buying the online version, gotta say i really enjoy it. Its actually a game fun for all ages and has a little challenge to it, but nothing to major. From what i can tell so far it just needs more people playing, so check it out.

    For those who have played/do play what do ya'll think of it if you see Scoobs add me to friends, ill send gifts!
    10-02-12 10:18 PM
  2. Archi2012's Avatar
    Hi Scoob! I've already added you as a friend. Thanks for the gifts
    I agree with you, I love the Animals Race. Is the game I'm playing the most in my playbook. A bit difficult to master, but very enjoyable at every level. And the multiplayer game is awesome! I really enjoy racing with other people and having a little chat
    In the game I'm Archi, please add me. I send gifts too
    Happy racing!
    10-11-12 10:15 AM