02-15-12 04:28 PM
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  1. TTBGF's Avatar
    I'm assuming I am one of the few who think its just a really boring game. I was just so disappointed when I downloaded it after all its hype. Not worth the $4.99, but I know I am in the minority here.
    Hey, thats cool, everyone is entitled to like/dislike as they please

    i hope its more of a "won't" rather than "can't" - and the original should keep you busy for a while, RIO has some nice levels though.
    yea, won't......thanks.
    02-15-12 08:06 AM
  2. immovablesoup's Avatar
    4.99 per game?????

    All three of our versions are free

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    Sent from my finger tips to your eye sockets with my Revolver Powered Transformer.
    You're forgetting that the Android versions are ad supported.
    02-15-12 04:28 PM
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