1. mandony's Avatar
    I have had a problem with android player apps crashing the pb.

    I first thought it was isolated to specific apps. I downloaded from appWorld 'NYC Traffic". It seemed to work fine. Closed the app then downloaded from appWorld "NYC TrainStatus". It seemed to work fine. I closed the app then tried to open Traffic and Train opened and froze the pb. There was no way to continue other than to do a hard reset.
    Then I downloaded from appWorld 'OverDrive'. It worked fine. I closed the app. At some time later I opened it. It started to work then froze the pb. Again, I had to do a hard reset. In all cases only ONE android app was open.

    I can not seem to find any parameters that control android player apps. Any suggestions?
    02-25-12 07:05 PM
  2. Oduzay's Avatar
    No suggestions sorry. The same thing happens to me too. Im able to switch between android apps without any problem at one point then all of a sudden the android player randomly crashes on me. I dont have to do a hard reset though. I can still swipe up and close it, i just can't select anything within the player. A reset always solves the problem till it happens again. Kind of like doing a battery pull on my phone...
    02-28-12 07:41 AM
  3. ignites's Avatar
    dont need to do a hard reset. Just do a 'reset' but clicking on the icon. 'hard-resets' are only required if ur entire screen freezes up.
    02-28-12 07:48 AM