1. chrism_scotland's Avatar
    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere but I couldn't find anything - is there a list of touch gestures for controlling the Android Player? Like back, etc? Also I "hid" the navigation bar how can I get it back?
    10-21-11 01:40 PM
  2. omegajimes's Avatar
    I think if you goto the "Recent apps" screen by swiping diagonally from the bottom to the left, then swipe from the top you can reach the app player settings that lets you activate the bottom bar again. I haven't run across any other youch gestures for the app player other than diagonal/left is back, and top is option button.
    10-21-11 03:09 PM
  3. nickchops's Avatar
    Im having the same problem with the OS 2.0 release version of the player...

    I hid the player menu at the bottom and now cant find any way to get it back! If I go to the Recent applications screen (by swiping the back gesture till the current app closes) I cant access any menu by swiping down from the top. Swiping down just does nothing at all!

    I'm sure when I had the beta version this worked fine (and also the player started up faster). It kind of cripples task switching when all the android apps open in the same window and theres no way to quickly switch between them...

    There don't seem to be any official instructions for using android apps (even the swipe diagonal to go back gesture isn't mentioned anywhere on blackberry's docs/site!).
    03-04-12 01:11 PM
  4. nickchops's Avatar
    hmm, I guess that was just a bug (which I fixed with a device reset) since the menu is meant to pop up with the top menu and just be intuitive
    03-04-12 01:28 PM
  5. BuzzStarField's Avatar
    From the User Guide:
    Under "using the touch screen"

    Go back
    To navigate within an application, you can swipe up from the bottom frame toward the left frame. For example, this would allow you to navigate from a picture to the picture gallery.

    This gesture is used in place of the Android back button.

    Link to User Guide (full of useful information):
    03-04-12 04:40 PM