1. whoaitsme's Avatar

    I am a brand-new Playbook owner, and I am trying to get the android apps running on my playbook via the DDPB Installer. I installed the Android App Player successfully, and started sending bar files (links from the Google Doc) to my playbook, but many of them don't load when I hit the respective buttons on my playbook (the buttons for each app appear, but they don't load when I hit them). Am I doing something wrong? Android Player is also on my main screen, but when I press it, it opens and then immediately closes on its own.

    Please help - thanks!
    11-23-11 10:56 PM
  2. dr_rocwell's Avatar
    Welcome to the club!

    Android player is already included in OS 2 beta and this is what enables DDPB installer to work. so unless you're still running OS 1.XX, you don't have to actively load android player onto the PB, and i don't think DDPB works with OS 1.XX.

    - Back up your PB
    - Upgrade to OS 2 beta by registering your PB PIN (https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/...et20/register/)
    - Do a security swipe to erase the 1.XX android player you had installed.

    After the security swipe and with OS 2 beta, you should be able to use DDPB installer successfully and android apps should work!
    11-25-11 02:19 PM